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Building the metaverse for India's 1.4 Billion Internet users. Write to us at for inquiries.

About Bharat Metaverse:
Metaverse That Represents India in The Virtual World

Our vision is to put India (Bharat 🇮🇳) on the map of Metaverse. A virtual representation of India's culture, geography, startups, history, and the future. We are building a virtual replica of India that can be accessed via mobile, desktop, and VR headsets. In this virtual India, you can create your avatar, meet people, make friends, own land, tour the country, build virtual businesses, and create a virtual world with endless possibilities.

Bharat Metaverse holds a decade long commitment to build a thriving virtual India by investing and integrating the Metaverse Startups from India.

Create your Avatar

Animoji, bitmoji, or your own photos, you can mint your NFT Avatar.

Make friends

Import social media and real world connections to the Metaverse.

Virtually tour India

Travel and experience India through Bharat Metaverse.

Own virtual land and monuments

Mint NFTs for your home, land, car, or any assets to own in the Metaverse.

Create and sell NFTs

Mint new NFTs to sell and trade with the citizens of Bharat metaverse.

Play games in real world map

Play limitless arcade on 3D Maps of India with your friends and others.

Indian startups working on Metaverse



Design Heroes of the Bollyverse


The Food Metaverse Game: Foodverse. On Polygon.


Multiplayer Metaverse based on real-world


Design and Product Support Studio


Interact with creators in augmented reality

Tamasha live

Play games with your favourite stars


Makes indoor running immersive and social

next meet

Avatar based Immersive PC / VR video calling platform


Augmented reality (AR) based social networking platform


Own cricket's best moments. Metaverse for cricket in partnership with ICC.

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